Mr. M. Muthusamy M.Sc., M.Ed.,

Distinguished, Meticulous and down to earth personality, renowned for his expediency is fondly called 'MM Sir' in Vidyaa Vikas Family. He is one of the main pillars of 'VVECT'. A man of benevolence, prominence and fervor, this great Physicist has captivated the students' attention spread across the globe. His profound skill in handling Physics with ease and excellence has made him an illustrious scholar and genius across the state. His Administrative proficiency expands to a wide Spectrum giving a new band of colors to his manifold acumen. His quest for learning and instilling the same spirit in the 'Teacher' and 'Taught' alike is his real strength. His teaching career in Government Schools for 31 long years brought him laurels creating plenty of centum holders in Physics. Throughout his tenure as Headmaster for the past 12 years he furthered his Diplomacy and Dedication giving remarkable results in the S.S.L.C & Higher Secondary Exams. Generosity and unstinted support that he invigorates in and around his scintillating presence is a powerhouse of wisdom. His enthusiasm and upright attitude remains a benchmark for aspirants of all ages and times. A man of lofty ideas and exemplary deeds MM Sir remains a living legend promoting the noble cause - " Hands that serve are holier than the lips that.