Co - Curriculam

Talent is God's Gift to us,what we do with extra curiculars is our gift to God To make the process of learning more lively and remove monotony of classroon learning, the school offers various activities such as,house system,Games,Mass Drill and School band, Yoga ,Skating, Chess, Classical Dance, Western Dance, Instrumental Music,Fine arts, Pot Painting, Mask Making, field trips and excursions,celebration of national days and festivals.

Learning is made intresting, fun and activity oriented at this level.Participation of the students is encouraged through activities such as drawing and coloring, group activities, clay mnodelling, pottery, pupperty and puzzles.Poems and Stories are dramatized using expressive actions.Focus is on devloping communication skills and on reinforcing an innate sense of discovery.Children learn to comprehend through a multi sensory approach with thw help of multimedia.Nature walks and regular educational tours to the Zoos, Museum and Themes Parks devlop a sense of openness towards the world.